Harlow Cycling Club History

Harlow Cycling Club was formed at an open meeting held on 8th June 1956 organised by Arthur Birch, a member of the Moot House Community Association as a “method of keeping youngsters off the streets and keeping them occupied with a worthwhile pastime”.

Present at that meeting were Mr A Birch, Miss B Birch, Mr and Mrs F Bailey, Mr J Donnelly, Mr & Mrs C Forbes, Mr & Mrs C Jessop, Mr K Howenday, Mr C Passant, Mr Y Petchey, Mr C Roberts and Mr & Mrs R Taylor.

The Club adopted the light and dark green livery of the Harlow Urban District Council as its racing colours and met weekly at the Glebelands Common Room in Mark Hall North.

The first Club 10 mile Time Trial was held on 26th August 1956 and the fastest time was Dennis Kholman who recorded 27 min 20 secs. Miss A Morris recorded a ladies record in a time of 34 min 01secs.

The Club’s first Dinner and Prize Presentation was held at Glebelands Common Room and tickets cost 3/6d (18p) and the whole occasion cost the princely sum of £4.5s 9d (£4.29) for the 19 guests!